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Senior business development Consultant

michelle renee jones


about me

brief bio

As the heartbeat of EXPRESSIONS Small Business Planning & Consulting, I established this endeavor in 2010 to create a platform and assist fellow, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. After 10+ years of experience through community projects, ministerial and social events, I found a passion for developing strategies to successful Project Management, Business Development and Corporate Finance. 

From gifted, purpose driven youth and inspired visionaries to established small business owners, I have served my clients as an experienced professional, life coach, consultant, adviser and mentor in business as well as community as an advocate for youth and young adult prevention, intervention, injustice and anti-symbolism’s.


  • effective Communication, 2017

  • youth mediation & GANG INTERVENTION, 2018



practice and purpose

As your Consultant, my primary duty is to provide a fresh and innovative perspective in areas where your company needs the most improvement. It has always been my goal to gain knowledge in a wide range of fields to provide valuable support and expertise to those who need information in a particular field. Consistently in practice and adapting to change, I choose to follow these specific objectives to mediate success.

  • Providing truthful evaluation information to clients.

  • Evaluating the client’s primary concern,

  • Making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem.

  • Making recommendations based on the diagnosis.

  • Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.

  • Building a consensus and commitment around corrective action.

  • Facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future.

  • Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.


company - city of memphis, Americorps vista


Training and Support

  • Orients volunteers/staff to the organization by identifying resources to implement and plan training.

  • Design and deliver training curriculum materials to ensure team members are proficient and successful with the core skills and behaviors needed to meet the organization’s relationship building, objectives, and service expectations.

  • Develop and execute assessments and testing procedures to students, parents, staff and volunteers to identify member relationship building, training, and development needs. Confers with all levels of management to gain knowledge of work situations to identify and conduct any supplemental or developmental training to support staff member success.

Outreach and Recruit

  • Develops marketing plan for targeted demographic.

  • Conducts outreach to recruit youth, students, volunteers and staff who meet program requirements with an emphasis in the juvenile justice, mentorship and crime prevention.

  • Build relationships with schools, civic, business, faith, community, clubs and other organizations or individuals to recruit opportunity.

  • Plan and develop programs that assist with recruiting including conducting information sessions in the program and at partner agencies, schools, and churches.

company - WEE Care Inc. youth and young adult diversion and re-entry

operations, 2015 - PRESENT (www.weecarememphis.org)

Program, Services and Facility Management

  • Develops, evaluates, and makes recommendations to add to or modify programs, services, facilities, and policies as required to meet changing community needs.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Develops and maintains a thorough understanding of WEE Care's mission and goals to identify and implement strategies to advance the mission.

Community Relations

  • Establishes, maintains, and promotes a positive professional image in the local community and with all stakeholders, and serves as the WEE Care's spokesperson to the media and all external contacts.

  • Cultivates and maintains effective relationships with all stakeholders, including but not limited to, community and business leaders, clients, constituents, public officials, professional organizations, and donors.

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

  • Assures compliance of all facilities, programs, and services with all federal, state, grant, and other rules, regulations, standards, and laws, as applicable.

Mission and Goals

  • Directs and leads the development, planning, and implementation of WEE Care's mission, goals, and long-range and strategic planning.

Financial Management and Resource Development

  • Develops, maintains, and internationalizes comprehensive knowledge of financial planning, budgeting, and management of WEE Care's income and investments.

  • Maintains an accurate accounting system, including payroll, cash management, and maintenance of financial records to insure an annual independent audit report with no exceptions or qualifiers.

  • Presents financial reports to the Board on a regular basis and submits an annual budget for review, revision, and approval.

  • Develops and implements fund-raising and financial development strategies that meet WEE Care's mission and goals.

Human Resources Management

  • Develops, maintains, implements, and updates, as necessary, personnel policies and procedures that comply with federal, state, local, and grant rules, regulations, and requirements, as applicable.

  • Directs staff in supervising, managing, and administering programs and services to maintain high standards of quality for WEE Care's programs and services.

company - the peyton co., realtors


  • Development and implementation of the Brand strategy.

  • Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing products.

  • Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategy - including digital marketing and PR.

  • Manage social media presence to improve social media reputation and recognition.

  • Developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies for the organization.

  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends.

  • Enabling sales team to meet their objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations.

company, majestic coach, llc

operations, 2017 - PRESENT

  • Initiate and set goals for programs according to the strategic objectives of the organization.

  • Plan the programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones and processes.

  • Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements.

  • Examine all program managers involved to provide feedback and resolve complex problems.

  • Discover ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of procedures and people.

  • Ensure program operations and activities adhere to legal guidelines and internal policies.

  • Keep senior management informed with detailed and accurate reports or presentations.

Company, lia house inc.

operations, 2016

  • Conduct initial needs assessment of business or business process.

  • Meet with clients regularly to report on gaps, strategies and project progress.

  • Drive business projects on behalf of clients according to their needs.

  • Compile relevant data for client’s business by conducting research and interviews.

  • Manage comprehensive data analysis to discover weaknesses, gaps, and problems.

  • Find causes and formulate solutions to business challenges.

  • Develop and deliver presentations with sufficient justification and analysis.

  • Guide client in implementing the prescribed strategy and resolving issues.

  • Provide guidance for any recurring problems/challenges or problematic pattern.


Company, J TURN PRODUCTION - 2019



Company, BillieWrites music group and services - 2018

company, angie bee's sweets & treats - 2016

company, fcc security firm - 2015

Company, 3Sonz Management - 2015

company, dugan restoration services - 2010








strayer university

M.B.A. business management, corporate finance

Graduated May 2013


Itt technical INSTITUTE of technology

B.S. Computer Engineering, Electronics TEchnology

Graduated May 2008


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Phone: 901.930.3390
Address: 5100 Poplar ave. ste #502 memphis, tn 38137